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Unclaimed Benefits Member Verification and Fraud Prevention

We are on a mission to Trace 1 million people (Unclaimed Benefits Beneficiaries)
and change their lives.

Are you a Trustee, Principal Officer, Fund Administrator or Registrar struggling to verify your members, policy-holders, shareholders details?

We are here to help.


Why choose UBMV

We are here to help overcome the challenges.


Reducing the liability of inaccurate records.
Powered by Innovation and the Cloud, we are leaders in the fields of Data-Verification and effective Tracing.

Verification Solutions

Home Affairs ID Verification
COE's - Certificate of Existence
POE's - Proof of Existence
Bank Account Verification
Address Verification
Death Certificates
Marriage Certificates

Unclaimed Benefits Tracing

Former Members Trace
Retirement Funds Trace
Automated Batch Trace
Desktop Trace
Investigative Trace
Document Collection
Death Benefits Tracing

Asset-Tracing Unclaimed Entitlements


Automated Batch Trace
Tracing Missing Shareholders
Tracing Lost Policy Holders

Deceased Estate Administration Services

Our partnership with Estate Administration team 
MIEMIE HENDRIKSZ & ASSOCIATES takes care of the entire process from beginning to end, catering for all sizes of estates, no matter how small.

Memberships and Associations

CSI - Supporting Our Communities

Our Mission - Making a material difference to the lives of vulnerable members of communities
through the provision of education and developmental support.

Nearly half of all South Africans won't report corruption, because they believe it is pointless.

Be the Change,
make a Difference!

Help us to report corruption and help allocate the much- needed funds to everyday people that rightfully deserves it.

Please be aware of and report people who say they can help you claim your benefits, but who charge you for their services. UBMV does not charge beneficiaries. We are paid by the clients to which we are contracted.

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We are here to help; If we have contacted you, it's because we believe you may be the beneficiary we are looking for, or you may know the person or family we are seeking to locate.

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